Forgive Me

WINNER - BEST FILM - Attic Film Festival, Austin, TX -- WINNER - BEST OF FESTIVAL - Gulf Coast Film Festival, Houston, TX -- WINNER - AUDIENCE FAVORITE - Attice Film Festival, Austin, TX -- WINNER - Redemptive Storyteller Award - Redemptive Film Festival, Virginia Beach, VA -- WINNER - BEST ACTOR, Travis Ammons - Gideon Film Festival, Ridgecrest, NC -- WINNER - AUDIENCE CHOICE - Moonlight Film Festival, Leesburg, VA
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"This film stands in a class by itself. Forgive Me is thought-provoking, intricately woven, and leaves the audience with a tangible sense of God's ability to penetrate the darkest places. A must-see movie for every thinking person, especially those interested in investigating Christianity for themselves." – Chris Staron, Glowing Nose Productions

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